Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cloth Diaper Stocking Update January 30th, 2013

What's New!

funky fluff cloth diapers
Funky Fluff New Prints and Colours

  • Funky Fluff has just released 2 new prints, Funky Birds and Funky Bubbles and 4 new colour combinations (including 2 Limited Edition, Fuchsia and Orange and Green and Yellow). 
  • Funky Fluff also now offers a Starter Kit for only $55.  The kit includes 1 Bamboo diaper, 1 Stay Dry Diaper, an extra Bamboo Soaker, an extra Stay Dry Soaker, a Bamboo Booster, and a Double Pocket Wet Bag.  Amazing value and a great way to try out these funky diapers! 

Peachy Green Diapers
Peachy Green New Year Collection
  • Peachy Green New Year Collection, Grape, Slate, Meadow, Zippy Zebra, Hula Hula, Marble Rainbow, and Orange Fizz
  • We are the only retailer in Canada to offer these diapers, available in Solo Luxe (Sized All-in-One) and Sprout Up (One-Size All-in-Two).

Now Re-Stocked!

Ordered and Awaiting Arrival!

  • Boingos
  • Green Line Soakers
  • Baby Legs and Newborn Baby Legs
  • Teething Bling Pendants and Bangles
  • Woollybottoms Hybrid Soakers in Small, Medium and Large (ETA Mid to Late Feb)
  • Woollybottoms Slippers (ETA Mid to Late Feb)
  • Bottombumpers Wipes
  • Swaddlebees Simplex and Simplex 2.0
  • Blueberry Trainers
  • Blueberry Basix Newborn

Ordering Soon!

Please contact us at natalie@lagoonbaby.com if you would like anything specific to our orders from any of the below manufacturers.
  • CJ's BUTTer and Carcass Cleaner
  • Thirsties
  • AMP Hemp Fitted Diapers
  • Best Bottom/Planet Wise

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