Saturday, 16 November 2013

November 16, 2013 Cloth Diaper Stocking Update

What's New!

sustainablebabyish OBF overnight bamboo fleece fitted cloth diaper

sustainablebabyish|sloomb now available!  We currently carry Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers, Snapless-Multi Fitted Diapers, Underwoolies, Knit Covers, Lanolin and Sloomb Cubes.

Softbums Cloth Diapers CanadaSoftbums Echo Fluffy Saurus Rex

Introducing SoftBums to Lagoon Baby!

Imagine Baby Bamboo Swaddling Blanket Canada

Imagine Bamboo Swaddling Blankets and Imagine Flat Diapers.

Planet Wise Canada

amp diapers canada new prints

AMP Diapers newest prints and colours, Sweet Apples, Bijou, Surf, Pebble and Jazz!


Ordered and En Route!

  • New GroVia prints!  Sweetgrass, Drift, Pudge and Poppy
  • New BestBottom prints!  Camo and Lace
  • New Blueberry prints!  Jungle Jam and Paisly
  • New Tula Baby Carrier prints!  Eiko Pond, Butterfly, and Polka Dance
  • Introducing Zoli Sippy Cups and Teethers
  • Sloomb Cube of the Month
  • AppleCheeks re-stocking, including new Limited Edition Holiday Diaper!

Ordering Soon!

  • As soon as they are available for us to order, we will be ordering the new Sweet Pea prints, as well as re-stocking Infant Prefolds and Baby Bear Craft Dryer Balls
  • Bamboobino
  • Mother-ease
  • Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags (especially size Medium!)
  • Funky Fluff
  • CJ's BUTTer and Carcass Cleaner
  • Blueberry re-stocking
Please note:  Due to a website glitch our $3.00 Bamboo Insert add-on is not working, if you are interested just send and email to and we will add it to your order manually.  Working on getting this fixed ASAP!

Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for announcements about what fun and deals Lagoon Baby has in store for Black Friday 2013...

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