Thursday, 5 December 2013

Cloth Diaper Stocking Update - December 4, 2013

What's New!

Tula Eiko PondTula Polka DAnceTula Seahorses
  • Tula Baby Carrier restock, including new prints!  Eiko Pond, Polka Dance and Butterflies.

Laundry Tarts CAnada

Zoli Canada

Ordered and En Route!

  • SoftBums December Calendar Bum - Getting to Gnome You, Holiday Bundles and Bamboo Starter Kits.  (December 7)
  • Planet Wise and Best Bottom new prints (December 7)
  • bumGenius restock, Newborn Econobum and Milk Daze Breast Pads (December 7) bumGenius new prints (shipping mid-December)
  • AppleCheeks restock (December 13 - hoping more Joy! will be in this shipment)
  • Blueberry new prints and restock
  • AMP restock  (including diaper sprayers)
  • CJ's BUTTer and Carcass Cleaner restock
  • Snappi restock
  • Bummis restock 
  • Kawaii restock and new Goodnight Heavy Wetter prints
  • Sweet Pea NEW PRINTS and restock

Ordering Soon!

  • Monkey Foot Designs - Medium
  • Woollybottoms restock Soakers and Slippers
  • Grovia restock
  • Sbish restock
  • Laundry Tarts restock
  • Funky Fluff Stay Dry restock
  • Eucalan restock
  • Mother-ease restock
  • Bottombumpers restock

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